Comfort Beer & Comfort food

The pleasure of a beer, the peace of feeling at home

Before choosing the beers and creating a menu, we looked around. We chose to talk and discuss with many people, to understand how we could really change something, in our own way.
We made the decision to change the world one act of kindness at a time.
One beer and one pizza (or burger) at a time.

Opening a pub in Florence, in the town centre, is anything but an original idea, and, in fact, this is not our inspiration or intention.
Our project is built around one goal: to see people smile. This is why we have summed up sMalto’s philosophy with “Comfort Beer & Comfort Food”: upon entering this pub you will find a warm welcome, well-kept greenery and plants for a relaxing atmosphere, exceptional beers and a selection of gourmet dishes to lick your lips.

Here there is always someone to drink a beer with.

With your friends at a table or in our company, at the counter.

This is the perfect place to celebrate, chat with friends or to leave behind the tiredness of a too long day and rediscover a carefree and more light-hearted look.

Nothing like a beer represents a fair reward at the end of a day, and if matched with skill to our excellent dishes it gives heartwarming and positive sensations.
We are waiting for you in your new pub, in Florence, at the center of your heart.
sMalto, Comfort Beer & Comfort Food.