Tastes of appetizers, small accompaniments delicacies

For us, the word appetizer has a meaning very close to the light-heartedness of pleasantly being together. Appetizers, or tapas, are foods that can be enjoyed for your aperitif or as a starter, those delicacies that you would define aphrodisiacs for how much you love them.
Is your mouth watering already, right?
For a delicious dinner, or for gourmet matches with excellent quality beers, a selection of delicacies to eat with your hands, from fried cheese bites to onion rings, from stuffed jalapenos to spicy chicken wings. Scroll the appetizer menu and let yourself be overwhelmed by the tasty images that will come to life in your mind...


Small & Large Sizes

French Fries

Potato Pops

Onion Rings

Pepper Rings

Camembert Pops

Mozzarella Sticks


Spicy Chicken Wings

Chicken Sticks

Chili & Cheese

P.I.G. Ribs

At any time of the day, your appetizer in Florence, the only "tapas bar" in the city that has the sole objective of making you live a “with a smile” experience.

There’s always someone to drink a beer with... and a friend to share your favorite appetizers with.
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