Pizza Firenze

Our pizzas, your pizza in Florence

We might be biased, but ours is the best pizza in Florence. To craft the best recipe we spent a long time studying the dough, starting from the research for the quality of raw materials. We dealt with slow rising and high hydration to achieve maximum digestibility together with a unique taste for each slice.
We climbed the rankings of every glutton, building our white art revolution.
If you are an authentic and true pizza lover, you will recognize the scent of our pizza in Florence, spreading throughout the historic town centre as a magnificent attraction for all the most excellents food enthusiasts.


Pan-fried pizzas with dough made with fine type 1 flours,
handmade and left to rise for at least 48 hours


San Marzano P.D.O. tomato, fiordilatte cheese, basil

La Carbonara

Fiordilatte cheese, egg, pork jowl, pepper, pecorino cheese


San Marzano P.D.O. tomato, fiordilatte cheese, mushrooms, onion, artichokes cream


Fiordilatte cheese, gorgonzola cheese, smoked scamorza cheese, cheddar cheese

Very Spicy

Fiordilatte cheese gorgonzola cheese, jalapenos, pepperoni

Chorizo & Chorizo

Fiordilatte cheese, champignon mushrooms, chorizo, basil

Little Italy

San Marzano P.D.O. tomato, fiordilatte cheese, bacon, pecorino cheese, onion, pepper


Fiordilatte cheese, porchetta, artichokes cream, pepper


Fiordilatte cheese, pesto, stracciatella with burrata cheese, sun dried tomatoes

Queen of comfort food, gourmet pizza could only be our flagship course.
Want to bet that even on the hardest days you will find a smile with just a few slices?

Bet taken? Then choose your pizza and get ready for an authentic explosion of flavors, return with your mind to pleasant memories of the past and feel new sensations on your skin.
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