Pub Firenze

sMalto, the only Pub in Florence that brews Comfort Beer

We’ve brought to the Florentine stage the best for all beer lovers. Sit at the counter or at the tables of the pub, in Florence for the first time you can savor the authentic and innovative taste of Italian draft beers and the new flavors of international labels. At the heart of the pub there’s the idea of "drinking well", for a choice of passion, which prompted us to create a refined offer, the result of a long and thoughtful selection. We started by recognizing breweries capable of enhancing raw materials of excellence, to then evaluate the sensations on the taste. The result is not a faded "beer list", but a real collection of "comfort beers", capable of accompanying (almost) every moment of the day, from a refreshing drink in the afternoon, to the aperitif obviously through dinner to the intense and round aroma of the after-dinner meditation beers.

Pils, Italian Pale Lager, Unfiltered, 8 gradi, Bock, Blanche, Stout, IPA, from the Dolomites to Assisi, for a tour of Italy from pint to mug.

In the eight beer taps we wanted to give as much space as possible to the Italian identity, believing in the now decennial experience of microbreweries that have grown into breweries, of brewmasters who have created new and alternative recipes, a unique brewing panorama that is leading the peninsula to imagine bottles enviable from all over the world.

For each dish on the menu, from gourmet pizza to the hamburger's carefully selected meat, we can recommend a perfect match, which leaves the light-hearted taste of friendship, time spent in joy and relaxation in your mouth.
For us, beer is a central element of life and being together, a tasty way to seal moments and live experiences to be remembered.
Choose your beer and your pub in Florence!