Pub Santa Croce Firenze

The new hangout, the only pub in Santa Croce in Florence that you always leave smiling

Matteo, Edoardo, Giulio, you, your friends, all those people who still don't know they are part of sMalto but sooner will fall in love with it.
We are a community of people who love life, who show off smiles every day, who believe that everything is more beautiful if lived together and shared (in the true sense of the word).

Of course, we are also passionate about beer. Maybe that's not the right definition. We are beer freaks. It doesn't sound so good either. We have a maniacal and visceral passion for tapping and tasting everything that makes up the world brewing scene. We like to think of beers as an excellent medium for creating bonds and relationships between individuals, but we also appreciate the numerous recipes, fragrant bouquets and attention dedicated by the brewmasters in the research for balance between hop bitterness and different spices or roasts.

And we will be really happy to tell you our experience,
and to listen to yours as well

You will find sMalto, your new Pub, in Santa Croce in Florence, in the city town centre, where ancient traditions are brought to light every year, in front of the Basilica, also Pantheon of illustrious men. In one of the most prestigious historical and cultural settings in the world, a breathtaking place at each sight, the perfect theater for all lovers and a unique picture frame for anyone looking for a mild, comfortable, relaxing environment.

We are waiting for you, with our smile on our lips, here there will always be someone to drink a beer or taste a pizza with.
sMalto, Comfort Beer & Comfort Food.