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The only place in the world where you want to be to share your best life’s moments with friends, the same place that you will choose for your first romantic date, the pub in Florence where you can feel at home. The counter where you can put a hard day behind you, the chair and the table that welcome you for important occasions, for a break, for reading a book, for lunch or dinner. In Florence’s town centre, Santa Croce, sMalto welcomes all lovers of beer, pizza and burgers who enjoy being together, between a happy hour and a rugby game. sMalto is the perfect balance between the warmth of Italian hospitality and the refreshing soul of the best Made in Italy and international beer. We only serve Comfort Beer & Comfort Food. See you this evening. At the usual time.

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Not the usual pub in Florence


The word "Pub" stands for "Public house", the place where you meet people, toast, laugh and joke, but also can read books and listen to music (of quality and at low volume), where you can remote work, eat with friends or just pass by to say hi.

sMalto was born from the soul of a traditional "pub", the only pub in Florence and its surroundings with the very specific mission of bringing smiles and lightheartedness to people. This is why we serve Comfort Beer & Comfort Food, because our menu is designed to make you feel good and value sensations of gratification and reassurance, pleasant flavors in a relaxed, light and happy atmosphere. We are among the reference points for beer lovers and great food enjoyers, but what we care the most is to be on the list of those who are passionate about life.


Our food accompanies smiles and happiness, brings you back to childhood, makes you feel protected, gratified and reassured, for mouthfuls full of memories and emotions.

We choose the ingredients with a smile. We prepare recipes with a smile. We serve your dishes with a smile. That's why ours is Comfort Food.

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