Bottled beers

Uncork the excellent taste of being together with our bottled beers!

In a continuous assortment, the best bottled beers from Italy and around the world, from Trappiste to Lambic, from English Ale to Bitters, from IPA to Lagers, passing through Bock, Dopplebock, Pilsener and Blanche or Weizen.
After having savoured, tasted and confirmed some of the usual certainties and many Italian and international bottled beers, here is our selection, all those that made us exclaim: "For all hops!".

For you our idea in a bottle or can of Comfort Beer!
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Birra dell’Eremo Aria

(Session Ipa) can 33cl

Session IPA, straw yellow color with a white, fine and persistent head. Bouquet with notes of exotic fruit, dry flavor and a slightly bitter finish.


Birra dell’Eremo Kira

(Double Ipa) can 33cl

Double Dry Hopped DIPA, orange color with a fine white head. Bouquet with citrus and clear notes, on the palate it is soft and balanced, with a bitter finish and citrus aftertaste.


Birra dell’Eremo Yaki

(DDH Ipa) can 33cl

Double Dry Hopped Ipa, straw yellow color with a fine white head. Intense, sweet and exotic bouquet, strong bitter taste, with a dry finish.


Birra dell’Eremo Zoe

(Keller Pils) can 33cl

Keller Pils straw yellow color with a compact, fine and white head. Fresh herbaceous smell, the flavor is delicate with hints of cereals and honey and a soft bitter finish.


Founders All Day

(Ipa) can 35,5cl

All Day IPA, from the american Founders Brewing Company, a light and refreshing beer of blond / amber color with a light white head. Bouquet with aromas of peach and grapefruit, on the palate it’s fruity with herbaceous notes and a dry and hoppy finish.


Founders Mosaic

(American Pale Ale) can 35,5cl

L’IPA di Founders, compliant with the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid!), a beer that goes back to its origins. Strong character with hops and citrus notes.


Oskar Blues Dale

(American pale Ale) can 35,5cl

in the United States, American Pale Ale has a herbaceous, citrusy, resinous bouquet and a slightly biscuit flavor that balances with a pleasant bitterness.


Tiny Rebel Stay Puft

(Porter) can 33cl

Imperial Porter with a characteristic dark color, intense in its scents, with an evident bouquet reminiscent of roasted marshmallows, chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Creamy and pleasantly sweet to the taste.


Oharas Irish Red Ale

(Red Ale) 33cl

The tradition of the Irish brewery Carlow Bering brings a thoughtful balance between the sweet aroma of caramel and the bitterness of hops. Ruby color and white head, lively bouquet with sweet and fruity notes, pure flavor that ends with a note of toasted barley.


Oharas Irish Stout

(Stout) 33cl

Irish Scout prepared with particularly toasted malt characterized by an opaque black color and a delicate dark head. The nose reveals aromas of roasted coffee and chocolate, which taste can also be recognized. Light and dry finish.


Hobgoblin Ipa

(ipa) 50cl

IPA that remains faithful to the use of fuggles, golding and styrian hops, with the addition of some strong American hops. Old and new worlds are balanced in the bouquet and in the explosion of aromas on the palate.


Hacker Pschorr Weisse

(Weiss) 50cl

Natural hazy wheat beer with a golden color and a delicate yeast flavor, high fermentation. Hints of ripe fruit (such as banana) and spices in the bouquet, ideal as a refreshing drink to combine with pizzas, and with a dry finish.


Kapuziner Weiss

(Weiss) 50cl

Considerata una delle birre più rinfrescanti al mondo. Hefeweizen with a bright golden color with evident citrus and fruity aromas. The taste is balanced, with excellent and refreshing spicy notes. Considered to be one of the most refreshing beers in the world.


61 Deep Marston's

(Pale Ale) 50cl

The latest born in Marston's house, 61 Deep like the meters of depth of the well located at the brewery which gave its name to this refreshing pale ale. Fresh and spicy aromas, made this beer very drinkable by hints of tropical fruits and notes of citrus.


Vetra Saison

(Saison) 33cl

Italian lemons are highlighted by Belgian yeast in a Saison that was awarded as a Must-Have Beer in the Slow Food Editore Guide to Italian Beers 2021. Complex aromatic profile, with cereals, spices and citrus fruits undertones, a remarkable drinkability and great thirst-quenching power.


Lindemans Gueuze

(Sour) 25cl

Gueuze type, a fruity traditional Belgian beer, brewed starting from a spontaneous fermentation in Lambic which continues in oak barrels for 1 to 2 years. At the end of this maturation period the drink obtained is mixed with a younger version, obtaining an exquisite beer, with a characteristic taste of emerging oranges, berries and woody notes. The acidic impact is remarkably balanced in the finish with sweet hints.


Steenbrugge Wit Blanche

(Blanche) 33cl

Blanche with a characteristic sweet and refreshing taste that balances with a spicy coriander and curaçao tone. The yeasts add a slightly smoky scent and a perceptible fruity note.


Chimay Doree

(Trappist) 33cl

Authentic Trappist (i.e. beer still made in the traditional way by one of the six Trappist abbeys in Belgium), until 2013 intended only for the internal monastic community of Chimay. Available in limited quantities, as it is produced only four times a year. Dry, slightly hopped and very fragrant, with a dry finish.


Vetra Bock

(Dopple Bock) 33cl

Coppery color with amber reflections and a clear look. The head is sumptuous, fine, compact, creamy and ocher colored. Brightly malty bouquet, with caramel and bread crust. Immediately returns the flavor of liquid caramel, with scattered presence of bread and toast. A clean finish for a fragrant and complex beer.


Steenbrugge Blonde

(Abbey) 33cl

From Steenbrugge Abbey, a Blond fermented with a Steenbrugge yeast strain that adds a vaguely smoky scent and a perceptible fruity note. Intense malty body with spicy hints.


Magners Original

(Cider) 57cl

Crafted using only natural ingredients, i.e. a blend of the fermented juice of 17 different types of apples, which come from the same Magners orchards. This cider is matured for a long period of up to 2 years.